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A brief introduction to our website with links to helpful information for those visiting, living, and doing business in the Hartville area.
Departments: Introduction
  • Administration: The Village of Hartville is comprised of a Mayor/Council form of government with a Fiscal Officer.
  • Mayor's Court: Hartville Mayor's Court serves as a local judicial forum to rule on misdemeanor offenses alleged to be in violation of the Village's Codified Ordinances.
  • Income Tax: Everyone who lives within the Village limits and/or performs work within the Village is responsible for filing an income tax return with the Village of Hartville.
  • Zoning Department: As part of the Zoning Division, Zoning was created to promote and protect the public health, safety, and general welfare of the Hartville Community by enforcing the zoning
  • Board of Zoning Appeals: The Board of Zoning Appeals powers and duties are to hear appeals, from the decisions of the Zoning Inspector, when interpretations of the zoning law are involved.
  • Planning Commission: The Planning Commission's powers and duties shall be to plan the overall growth, development, redevelopment, rehabilitation and renewal of the Village.
  • Building Department: The primary function of the Building Department is the enforcement of the State of Ohio Building Codes.
  • Street Department: Within the Village right-of-way service crews perform a variety of tasks including snow and ice control, traffic sign and pavement marking/painting, traffic signal repair, pothole repair, roadside berming & mowing, street tree pruning, and dead animal pickup.
  • Sewer Billing: Sewer bills are due on the 15th of each month.
  • Waste Water Treatment Plant: The Village of Hartville provides sanitary sewer service through its water treatment plant to most residences in the village.
  • Board of Public Affairs: The Board of Public Affairs oversees the operations at the Waste Water
  • Police Department: The mission for every member of the Hartville Police Department is to consistently seek and find ways to affirmatively promote, preserve and deliver a feeling of security, safety and quality services to the members of our community of Hartville, Ohio.
  • Fire/EMS: The Hartville Fire Department has been providing fire and emergency services in Hartville and Lake Township for over one hundred years.
Meetings & News: Introduction
Business In Hartville: Introduction
Hartville is a great place to grow your business!
Living In Hartville: Introduction
  • History: The Village of Hartville actually came to life in the last decade as a result of the passion and dexterity of individuals who believe it’s not just where we live, but how we live that distinguishes our quality of being. Hartville is an exciting, people-friendly society with a supreme commitment to education, wellness, traditions and leisure that encourages and enriches families and businesses alike.
  • Forms & Permits: Obtain a variety of public forms and permits.
  • Community Organizations: Learn more about organizations and places around Hartville that you might be interested in.
  • Community Calendar: The community calendar provides dates and time information about events that take place in and around the Hartville area.
  • Contact Form: Our brief contact form provides an easy way request information or submit a comment to a Village of Hartville representative.
  • New Residents: Information and resources for those who have recently relocated to the Hartville area or are contemplating a move to our community.
Visiting Hartville: Introduction
  • Restaurants: Looking for a quick bite to eat or a relaxing and refreshing meal? The village of Hartville has something to offer you.
  • Shopping: If shopping is your preference, the Hartville area has a variety of options for you. From practical needs to specialty purchases our local businesses are happy to serve.
  • Lodging: Hartville is happy to extend a neighborly hand to those who are visiting our friendly community with comfortable accommodations.
  • Activities: Get out and enjoy our community. The village of Hartville and nearby towns and cities offer an extensive variety of historic, entertainment, and sports related activities.
Contact Us: View
The contact form provides an easy way request information or submit a comment to the Village of Hartville representative.
Community Calendar: View
The community calendar provides dates and time information about events that take place in and around the Hartville area.

202 W. Maple St. P.O. Box 760
Hartville, OH 44632
Phone: 330.877.9222
Fax: 330.877.9778
Office Hours:
Mon., Tues.,Wed., Fri. 8am to 5pm
Thurs. 8am to 12 noon
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Village of Hartville - Public Forms and PermitsClick here to view a complete listing of public forms that are currently available for download.

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